Running out of steam.

Running out of steam as I cross the border

back into the country of my birth,

how I got into this situation I’m not really sure,

was it my schooling or how I was brought up,

it was hard as a child looking after

my younger siblings after my parents

died in a civil war, and a killer disease.

After so many borders I have been turned

away at this final barrier, and I wonder why?

Hundreds are here with similar stories

and I join them as we try to cross en-mass,

to no avail we are turned back again and again,

we beg to be given a chance to have a new life,

only to be told we are not wanted,

we have been told lies by those in authority,

they promised that they will let us in.

A day in the life of a half deaf person.

Each day is different from a hearing perspective,

walking regularly helps to orientate oneself,

sometimes your balance is out of quilter,

a walking stick helps keep your equilibrium,

conversations can be interesting and funny,

people never quite hearing what you say,

though their kindness touches you when they say,

hope your leg gets better soon,

and you laugh when they leave you,

to go on your way, next a big day looms,

when you finally enter the town centre.